Welcome to The Pilates Place, where how you move matters!

Eventually we get to a place in our lives where quality is more important than quantity. Be it with free time, choices in friends, the food we eat, or how we move our bodies. The Pilates Place was born from the realization that How we move our bodies really does matter. Quality is much more important than quantity.

Meet Roxanna, Owner

Roxanna Cohen - Owner of the Pilates Place Grass ValleyMy personal quest for quality movement (motivated by pain from beating my body up with copious quantities of movement) started with the decision to go to Physical Therapy school and eventually led to Pilates.
The journey has convinced me that all Physical Therapy schools should be teaching Pilates and all kids should be doing Pilates as well.

What I learned early on in my career of teaching fitness is that people will only stick with fitness activities that they enjoy while they are doing it or are conscious of feeling good when they are done. What I have learned as a PT is that people are motivated to not feel pain.

My personal goal when opening the studio in 2007 was to use Pilates to provide movement solutions to physical therapy problems and to keep people fit doing quality movement so they don’t need physical therapy. I wanted our clients to have the opportunity to experience the breadth of Pilates possibilities that might be available in a big city, yet in a personal, small town atmosphere.

Today, at The Pilates Place, we are:

A diverse, yet like minded group of Pilates professionals dedicated to teaching our clients self empowerment thru movement education. We are strong believers in life long learning, striving to provide a quality experience for all who enter our doors.

What we do:

Treat each client as the individual that they are, creating and offering Pilates programming to help our clients meet their fitness goals.

We offer Pilates based Physical Therapy in private sessions, and fitness based Pilates in private, duet and group settings including Mat, Reformer and Spine Corrector classes. We are an affiliate of Polestar Pilates and offer Polestar Pilates’ Comprehensive Teacher Training Program.

Again, Welcome to The Pilates Place, where how you move matters!



“I have been coming to weekly private sessions with Jemma at The Pilates Place for six months.  The transformation that I have experienced in working with her has been incredible.  I can see noticeable changes in my strength, flexibility, and balance.  Every staff person, down the owner herself, is friendly & knowledgeable.  I cannot recommend The Pilates Place highly enough!”


“Being a regular at The Pilates Place is being in a community of all ages and all abilities as Roxanna and her skilled staff keep us cheerful, balanced and strong. Everyone is welcome and everyone is welcoming. I am so glad I found The Pilates Place in 2013 and look forward to the next seven years”

~Laura Pendell

“I have so much fun in the mat and reformer classes that I can *almost* forget how hard I’m working. The teachers are attentive and knowledgeable and I feel great after each class—three per week keeps me going strong.”

~Janet Miller

“Only the highest praise for the Pilates Place. I arrived with flexibility equal to the Wizard of Oz’s Tin Man. Through the patient and cheerful guidance of Roxanna, I have learned to use my breath (instead of holding it) and many, many more muscles, and my flexibility has improved by orders of magnitude. She always tailors the sessions expertly to my specific issues and keeps the routines fresh and me honest. All the staff are warm and welcoming, making it always a pleasure to be there. Finally, a hallmark of the studio is its commitment to bringing the latest innovations and philosophy to the practice of Pilates. It is undoubtedly an exceptional Place.”

~Bobbie Wilkes

“I have been taking classes- mat, barre and private sessions- at The Pilates Place since 2011.  As a “non-athletic” person I avoided group exercise for years, but with bone issues, strength training is a must.  The Pilates Place isn’t just an exercise experience; for me it has become a wonderful family of gifted trainers and dedicated staff.  With Roxanna’s expert guidance, maybe I’m not so “unathletic” any more.

~Lindy Horwitz

“I look forward to coming to class every week knowing that I will feel amazing after class. I have been going to The Pilates Place for years and it has helped me recover from 2 pregnancies, work with my scoliosis and improve my overall strength and flexibility,. All the instructors are very skilled at creating workouts that are challenging and fun.The instructors take the time to know the client and their personal needs. The instructors are experienced at creating classes that balance between strengthening and restorative.”

~Katie Neeb

“Pilates has been one of the most important parts of my personal fitness plan. It helped me rehabilitate injuries sustained in a car wreck in 2003 and not only heal, but become more fit than I have at any time in my life.

I have been able to pursue my passions of dance and aerial arts into my 50s. I doubt any of this would have been possible without Pilates training. Thank you!”

~ Julie Lang

“I have been regularly attending reformer and mat classes at the Pilates Place for over two-years. I would like to thank the wonderful instructors have helped to achieve my goal of getting into the best shape of my entire life.

The core strength, flexibility and balance I have developed through Pilates has helped me to overcome chronic lower back problems and become stronger and more confident in my athletic abilities.

I highly recommend the staff and programs at the Pilates Place for anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness and well-being.”

~ Kevin