How to Live Stream Mat Classes

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  • Download the Zoom App to your tablet or phone, it is free!
  • You must have a valid email to receive your class link.
  • Sign up for class online: You can do this thru our website (schedule and book) or thru the Mindbody Online app for your phone or tablet.  You must create an online account to sign up online.  When you click on a class to sign up, if you do not already have an account it will prompt you to create one.  If you usually take reformer classes at the studio and sign up online, you are good to go.
  • You should get a confirmation email from FITGRID saying that you signed up for the class within an hour or so of signing up. This is NOT the link to the class.
  • The link to class will come to your email about 45min-1 hour before class, from FITGRID. Use this link to enter the class.  If you sign in before the instructor does, you will be in a “virtual waiting room” until the instructor signs in, which will be about 10 minutes before class.
  • If you don’t receive an email from FITGRID, check your spam.
  • Make sure your “workout” space is ready to go before you access your class. Move any coffee tables or something you might bump into out of the way. Any props you may need should be easily accessible. If you want the instructor to see you, move your device to a place your camera will pick you up.  Only do what exercises feel ok for YOU.  While our staff is trained to offer safe exercises, especially in a group setting, it is your responsibility to do what is appropriate for you.  Modifications or various levels are routinely offered.
  • Look for a microphone on your screen once you enter class, if it has a line thru it, the instructor cannot hear you. Tap or click on it to talk.  Same idea for video.  If you don’t want the instructor or anyone in the class to see you, just turn your video off.  Be aware that if multiple people talk at the same time, it is very difficult for the instructor to hear what anyone is saying.  If your household is “busy”, mute your mic to decrease background noise for the instructor unless you want to talk.
  • Enjoy Class. This is the most important thing!
  • Mat class pricing applies to online classes. Bonus:  more than one person in your house can take the class with you at no extra cost!
  • Chat with your fellow students after class is over, click “leave the meeting” when you are ready to sign off