Pay Online With Pay It Forward

Virtual Mat Classes*

Drop-in $19

4 pack $68

8 pack $128

In Studio Reformer/Equipment Classes**

Drop-in $32

*Check individual class descriptions for any recommended props such as hand weights, resistance bands/ball etc. Modifications are given in class. All Virtual classes are 60 minutes.
**All In Studio Classes are 55 minutes.

What Is Pay It Forward?

Pay it Forward is a credit card processing service for businesses that donates a percentage of sales from each individual business that they serve, to a local non-profit of that business’s choice at no cost to the consumer or the business!

Who Benefits?

We all do!  The Pilates Place has chosen The Friendship Club/NEO as the local non-profit that we support.  The Friendship Club, celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, has helped empower and educate more than 1,000 girls and young women in sixth through 12th grades who face many life challenges. NEO strives to empower youth to make healthy and positive lifestyle choices. Founded in 2008, NEO serves youth ages 11 to 25-years old through its Youth Center, community events, school outreach programs and summer camps. The Friendship Club and NEO are currently in the process of merging to provide more opportunities for the youth of Nevada County! You can learn more here.

The Pilates Place also directly benefits from using Pay it Forward as our credit card processor due to the lower fees that Pay it Forward charges compared to our other credit card processor.

You can feel good about making your purchase at The Pilates Place benefit not only your health, but the health of our community by supporting our youth!

Why Two Card Processors?

Historically, we have used our business software company’s credit card processing service as it has the capacity to securely store credit card information so that we can offer the service of having your credit card on file for your convenience. We added Pay it Forward as a processor for all in-studio transactions because we like that we can support a local nonprofit at no extra cost to you or us, and the fees they charge us are less to boot! Pay it Forward now has the capacity to securely store credit card information and we need your help to make this our primary card processor!

How Can I Help?

When making purchases online, simply use the “payonline” tab! 

If you currently have a card on file with us, we cannot retrieve that card information to move it to Pay it Forward due to security! The next time you ask us to make a purchase with your card on file, simply give us your card info at that time and we can make the switch to Pay it Forward!

All in-studio purchases done with a credit card will automatically be processed with Pay it Forward!