Pilates Teacher Training

Interested in Becoming a Pilates Teacher?

Polestar Pilates is an internationally respected Pilates Teacher Training program that aims to raise the bar for the profession of Pilates and rehabilitation by adhering to the philosophy of “Improvement through Movement.” The Polestar curriculum was designed by physical therapist, Brent Anderson, with Elizabeth Larkam, in 1992, and it emphasis in teaching effective assessment skills, communication, and exercise planning is strongly based on scientific research and a foundation of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, motor control, bioenergetics, and neurolinguistics. Polestar Pilates International is taught in 28 countries and The Pilates Place is proud to be one of the select instructional facilities on the west coast.

There are several Pilates Teacher Training programs out there, but what sets Polestar apart is the emphasis on “why” not just “what”. It’s more than just learning how to perform or teach a repertoire of exercises. Understanding the rationale (the “why”) helps the teacher implement the “how.”

Graduates of the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive program are well prepared to know HOW to safely and effectively design and progress Pilates exercise programs specifically for the individuals in front of them using the Polestar Fitness Screening tool and assessment and problem solving skills that are honed throughout the series. This specificity on the rationale and implementation of Pilates program design will create a transformative experience for the patients and clients of a Polestar Pilates Practitioner.

Polestar offers a large number of high quality advanced coursework beyond the basic series. Most of the advanced courses are developed by Polestar’s seasoned and highly respected physical therapists and movement specialists that delve deeper into the details of pathologies, neurological conditions, post surgical considerations, and the science of movement.

Becoming a graduate of the Polestar Pilates Program enable the student to sit for the Pilates Certification Exam administered by Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) which is an NCCA accredited program. In addition, the advanced coursework is eligible for CEU’s for maintaining PMA certification, and many of Polestar’s Advanced course are also eligible for physical therapy CEC’s (Check state requirements and specific course for details). 

We recommend checking Polestar Pilates website as well for more information.

Roxanna is available for in person mentoring for Polestar students even if there is not a current course happening at our studio. For the 2023-24 semester, the nearest Polestar affiliate site for in person training is Pro Health Physical Therapy in Alameda, CA.

For more information, call the studio at 530-477-5167 or email pilatesplaceinfo@gmail.com