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A Supportive and Friendly Atmosphere

Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive Pilates experience in Nevada County while making Pilates accessible and affordable for everyone. We provide a supportive, friendly atmosphere that encourages all who come through our door to embrace the power and the joy of the mind-body connection and Pilates well-known core conditioning.

Let our staff help you determine what is best for you. Call or stop by the studio. For those interested in individual or duet sessions, just call the studio to schedule an appointment. Scroll down to view staff bio’s.

Roxanna Cohen

Roxanna Cohen, Program Director and owner of The Pilates Place has been a physical therapist since 1990. She is a Fellow of Movement System Impairments thru Washington University in ST. Louis and a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS). Her physical therapy practice has been movement science based since 2001, when she was originally certified as a Rehab Specialist thru Polestar Pilates. Roxanna is a PMA-CPT (Pilates Method Alliance-Certified Pilates Teacher), a Senior Educator (Teacher Trainer) and Examiner for Polestar Pilates, and Oov level one Educator.

Roxanna’s movement background began with dance at the age of 5 and yoga at the age of 15, both of which she still practices. She parlayed her love of movement into a career teaching group and individual fitness for over 10 years before becoming a PT. Roxanna is adjunct faculty at Nevada Union Joint High School, teaching fitness and Pilates in the Theatrical Dance Department.

“ I am motivated by finding movement solutions to physical therapy problems, meeting people where they are in their bodies at the present time, helping them to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. My current passion is utilizing what I know about rehab, movement science, neuro-science, Pilates, athletics and fitness and applying it to working on the Oov.”

Roxanna sees individuals for Physical Therapy and Pilates instruction as well as teaching group mat, Oov and equipment classes.

Angelika Post

Angelika finished her Polestar Pilates Teacher Training in 2012. She has been teaching at the Pilates Place for four years and has refined her style to be both fun and challenging for her students.

She has been practicing yoga and Pilates for over 20 years experiencing the joy, challenges and rewards of conscious movement first hand. She is dedicated in helping people to feel stronger and more confident about who they are and believes that the practice of Pilates is an excellent way to do that.

Her classes are fun as she likes to mix strength and balance with a lot of laughter.

Jemma Champeau

Originally from Australia, Jemma has a background in dance and danced professionally all over the world for 10 years in an Irish dance company, various musical theater productions and Contemporary dance companies.

She began Pilates as a way of rehabilitating herself from a back injury sustained from her dance career. She took her first Pilates certification with Polestar in 2004 and completed a second with Body Arts and Science in 2006 and has been teaching ever since. She co-founded Performance Health Center, a Chiropractic and Pilates practice in Las Vegas in 2006.

Jemma continued her movement studies with two Yoga teaching certifications in 2007 and 2010 and continues to teach yoga also. She is a Reiki Master therapist and has taken classes in Herbalism, Nutrition and Aromatherapy.

She studied an associate degree in Transpersonal Counseling with emphasis on dance and movement as healing and continues to weave her loves of mindfulness, movement, breath and health in all her classes and private sessions.

Lisa LeBlanc

Lisa LeBlanc has been teaching Pilates since 2002, doing her initial training at The Performing Arts Physical Therapy Pilates Studio in Los Angeles. She is licensed to teach Fletcher Spine Corrector and Fletcher Towel Work, has earned certifications from level one Anusara Yoga teacher training, The National Academy of Sports Medicine and Shiatsu massage.

Lisa began dancing at the age of five and danced her way through high school, at The School of the Arts in San Francisco, and then earned a BFA in dance at the California Institute of the Arts, in Southern California.

In college, she had the fortunate experience of joining ‘Zadonu’, a traditional music and dance company from Ghana, West Africa. Lisa also took a semester to do a field study in Ghana, where she documented and participated in music and dance traditions.

She went on to teach Ghanaian dance at UCLA, Loyola Marymount, and LBSU. She also taught workshops to adults and children of all ages through the Music Center, education division, as well as, the Community Arts Partnership Program.

Lisa Guardino

Originally from Southern California, she moved to the town of Mariposa, California where she opened her Jazzercise studio in 1994. After 20 years of owning and operating a successful Jazzercise franchise, she sold her business in October 2014 and moved back to Southern California where she continued to teach Jazzercise in Laguna Hills. After 25 years of teaching Jazzercise, she retired in 2019.  

Soon after moving, she attended her first Pilates class and absolutely loved it. She was so inspired that she enrolled in the Pilates/Dance Conditioning Instructor Certificate of Achievement program at Orange Coast College. She graduated from Orange Coast with honors and received her certificate to teach Pilates in May of 2016. 

Since moving to Grass Valley in 2017, she continues to teach Pilates Mat and Equipment classes. She has extended her education by completing The Polestar Comprehensive Teacher Training Program in 2018-19, The Konnector Teacher Training and The Oov Fundamentals Course.

“I believe we can create stronger bodies, and happier, healthier lives through fitness. Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity, and a way to bring balance to our lives. Being mindful of what we are doing with our bodies through movement enables us to become more connected to our lives and to others.” 

Tracy Lease

Tracy Lease completed her Classical Pilates teacher training with Ann Turner and became PMA certified in 2016. She took her first Pilates class with hopes of strengthening her spine and core for her yoga practice and fell in love with how Pilates made her spine feel. Tracy had been working with scoliosis and back pain since high school. Within 6 months of beginning Pilates, Tracy grew ¾ of an inch and was relieved of back pain. She then wanted to share this healing and empowerment practice with others.

Tracy grew up doing gymnastics and has always loved moving in her body. She completed her Yoga teacher training in 2009 with Todd Norian and Ann Greene, where she loved the focus on alignment and therapeutics. Tracy has taught yoga to all age groups—Kindergarten through 85 years of age at studios, universities, in public school classrooms and at retreats including Esalen Retreat Center on the Big Sur coast. Tracy is a certified public school teacher, and has a passion for teaching movement. She wants her privates, duos and classes to be fun, challenging and enlightening.

Lisa Spang, Office Manager

I began Pilates while receiving physical therapy for a frozen shoulder. Once my rehabilitation allowed me to move my shoulder again, my next step was to keep it mobile so I enrolled in Pilates classes. It is wonderful to feel strong and to have improvement in my posture. I am also an accomplished gardener. I know that Pilates classes have enabled me to enjoy it more because it has increased my strength and flexibility and has given me more endurance.